Dermoliquido Cleansing Gel

Dermoliquido Cleansing Gel - World of Beauty

Product Details

Dermoliquido Cleansing Gel

Cleanse ? Balance -? All Over

Target Results

  • Gentle Face Cleanser
  • Balance
  • Pores refinement
  • Smoothing action
  • Skin Impurities

Fade away daily Skin Impurities

Gentle balancing cleanser for all skin?s types that instantly wipe away everyday skin impurities and make-up. ?Unique multi-tasking all-over formula works to smooth and balance for a healthy skin complexion. Infused with botanical pro-biotics, Soya Proteins and plant?s based stem cells, which are known to help maintaining skin elasticity without drying.

How To Use

Mornings and Evenings, wet the skin, and massage, with circular movements, over the face, or all over, rinse it off.

How It Works

Enriched with:

Botanical Pro-Biotic Ferments: precious root ferment with natural anti-microbial, anti-fungal action, with moisturizing and conditioning skin properties.

Botanical Soy Proteins: rich of amino-acids and serine protease-inhibitors, helps maintaining skin elasticity and ideal for hyper pigmentation skin treatments.

Mallow Flower Stem Cells: naturally rich of Malvidin Glucoside has been proven to reduce skin edema and inflammation, being ideal for the daily skincare for sensitive skin?s types.

Vegetable Lactic Acid: is a greater pigmentation-fighting ingredient, proven to reduce acne breakouts and visibly diminishing age wrinkles and scars appearance.