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Dnaderm Anti-Aging Protein Threads

Try the non-invasive treatment that prevents and reduces wrinkles.

Totally natural, painless, non-invasive, needle-free anti-ageing protein threads for face, neck and hands.

Collagen threads for the face with hyaluronic acid, vegetable collagen, sericin and trace elements are needle-free anti-wrinkle threads for external use.

Why Choose DNADERM

The innovative WORLD OF BEAUTY protocol with natural fibre threads is effective in minimising the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin firmness.


Best anti-wrinkle facial treatment with lifting and natural wrinkle-filling effect.


It stimulates the collagen fibres in the skin, giving an immediate, totally natural, tensor effect without the use of pricks.

They are not medical traction threads, silk and collagen threads with a tensor effect visible from the very first application.

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