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“Extraordinary hand-lift massage.”

You will get progressive results from the very first treatment.

Sculpting byolifting massage is applied with high performing natural and organic products and will improve skin tone and elasticity, with relaxing and oxygenating function of the mimic muscles of the face and neck

The first 2-day level course
will help tone and plump the face and neck, with help to posture.

The second 2-day level course focuses on improving lips and chin contour, with visible improvement of wrinkles and mimic wrinkles known as bar codes. Intraoral byolifting sculpting buccal massage.

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Location Courses
  • VENICE (ask for the next dates)  
  • CASTROCARO (ask for the next dates)  

Byolifting Sculptural Facial Massage

Deep myofascial, connective movements with gentle muscle manipulation ideal for improving tone of elevator muscles, depressor muscles, platysma, sternocleidomastoid and all muscles of the face, neck.

This extraordinary massage technique improves blood, lymphatic circulation, promotes deep oxygenation and nutrition of skin and muscle tissues, improves tone of mimic muscles and brings improved oxygenation to skin adipose tissue, the result will be brighter skin, rebalancing of muscle tone, draining of swellings, botox like effect due to rebalancing of facial muscles and increased oxygenation to adipose and myofascial tissue.

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